Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Ballad of Miss Rosemary Fell

This is a beautiful old Valentine Day card posted from Beaver Falls in the United States in 1950 to an address in Gillingham, Kent.
The postmarks on the front are very clear with the perfectly visible address etc.
The envelope is a bit can be expected for it's age (59 years)
The gentleman who posted the card and the young lady who received the card went on to be the subject for the haunting Unlucky Fried Kitten song "The Day Miss Rosemary Fell" which will be on the new album.
We do not know what happened to Rosemary or Jerry....we don't know if they even met...but it would be nice to think that they married and had lots of little Jerries and Rosemaries.
We have thrown the other envelope in for good is empty. It may be of interest for the stamp and postmark....from Beaver 1949.
Happy Valentine Day...every one

Oh, I tried to understand the story of the man and the girl from the good side of town
Her eyes were as grey as the slate in the tiles on the roof of the church...before they pulled it down
They met every weekend at the Whitstable Oyster Bar
They talked about trees and made promises of devotion
The trees were bent sideways with the ripening fruit
when the afternoon ended...they had to go home

It's goodbye for the long just for a while
I can't wait for the next time...when I will see you again....Miss Rosemary

I tried to understand the reasons for the meetings which bordered on the inclandestine
Every occasional reflection and smile was like a spot on the view of the lens of the man's life
They talked about poetry notes in conversation
The size of the moon and the state of the nation
In notebooks they noted their quoted information
They laughed until sadly...they had to go home

It's goodbye for the meantime etc

I tried to understand the reason why they talked over oysters on a regular basis
The man and the girl from the nice side of town when they talked about space-ships and blue rolling seas
It came back to me in a flash of a frenzy
My sweetheart had gone but I still had the memory
Spending my weekend with the ghost of my past
There's no time at all between memories and reality

It's goodbye for the meantime etc

Words and music by Andy Export of Unlucky Fried Kitten

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