Saturday, 3 January 2009


Have you been stuck for ideas for a unique gift for that special birthday?
Have you charged around the shops looking for that personal present to mark a special occasion?
Have you lain awake at night wondering how to mark that forthcoming anniversary?
Have you always fallen at the first hurdle?
Unlucky Fried Kitten have the perfect solution to your problem. Turn your memories into song and send your feelings in a melody with this new custom service from the song-writing stables of Unlucky Fried Kitten.

*Songs4Gifts - Send us the details of your subject and we will write a personalised song to suit the requirements. The standard fee for this service will be £30 including post and packaging. This includes the fee for writing the song and for recording the song and for a cd copy of the song. The more details you send the more personalised the song can be.

*Slideshows4Gifts - This is the step up from the personalised song. The cost for this will be £50 including post and packaging and this will be for the song writing, as on the standard service, and for the recording of the song...but also for putting the song with a slideshow of photographs onto a dvd. We can use any photos that you send to make a wonderful and unique slideshow with song.

*Cartoons4Gifts - This is a fantastic way of making that chosen person feel extremely special. For this service we will write and record the song..and we will make a personal cartoon/comic dvd to go with it. This is such a unique gift and it is something that can be treasured forever...keeping you in that persons heart for always. This will cost £100 including post and packaging. The cartoon pictures are all individually drawn and take a long time..hence the higher fee. This is not an animated film.

Come To Us...Unlucky Fried Kitten...when....

* Your anniversary is looming...tell your partner how much you care in a song.
* Mother's Day is here...send your mum a song and slideshow of old pictures.
* Your boy or girl is off to Uni...send them off with a forget-me-not
* Valentine's Day needs that something special...a lovey-dovey love-song.
* Your baby girl has won the Bonny Baby Competition...something to embarrass her with
in later years.
* The local darts team win the league...celebrate with a bar-room ballad.
* You just want to tell them that you love them.
* A simple "thank you" just isn't enough.
* Wedding gifts seem so predictable.
* That wonderful person has passed that horrible driving test.

Custom enquiries are if you have any requests please ask. Perhaps you just want your poetry set to music? Maybe you have some old film/footage that you want linked to music. Please ask for costs.

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