Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sixty year Old Tale of Love

Sixty year tale of love

by Keyan Milanian

A sixty-year-old Valentine card has sparked a mysterious tale of love.

The card and two envelopes were bought by Andy Fraser, of Tonbridge Road, Maidstone, in a second hand shop in Gillingham.

They are addressed to Rosemary Fell of 117 Shakespeare Road, Gillingham.

Sent from an address in Beaver Falls, near Pennsylvania, in the United States, the envelopes are dated 1949 and 1950.

The Valentine card reads: “Valentine Greetings, Haven’t punctuated this the way I really could but - sure would like to make you my valentine, sure would!”

The sender, called only 'Jerry’, has added: “No Kidding!”.

His full name is printed on the envelope as Gerard Pougnaud.

Mr Fraser said: “I was collecting stamps and it took my interest, I think I bought it with a lot of other stuff.”

Mr Fraser, whose wife is American, said the Pennsylvania area was known for its steel industry and he believed 'Jerry’ may have been an Englishman working abroad but, after researching both names, had been unable to find any information about the couple.

He said: “I have always thought they were quite enchanting.

“I have often wondered about the circumstance of the card and it would be wonderful to find that it had a happy ending.”

A member of a funk-pop band called Unlucky Fried Kitten, Mr Fraser even wrote a song about the letter called The Ballad of Rosemary Fell.

Mr Fraser wrote a song about his letter about a year ago for his band, Unlucky Fried Kitten.

The song is written under Mr Fraser’s stage name Andy Export.

The Ballard of Rosemary Fell

Oh, I tried to understand the story of the man and the girl from the good side of town

Her eyes were as grey as the slate in the tiles on the roof of the church...before they pulled it down

They met every weekend at the Whitstable Oyster Bar

They talked about trees and made promises of devotion

The trees were bent sideways with the ripening fruit

when the afternoon ended...they had to go home

Chorus: It’s goodbye for the long just for a while

I can’t wait for the next time...when I will see you again....Miss Rosemary

I tried to understand the reasons for the meetings which bordered on the inclandestine

Every occasional reflection and smile was like a spot on the view of the lens of the man’s life

They talked about poetry notes in conversation

The size of the moon and the state of the nation

In notebooks they noted their quoted information

They laughed until sadly...they had to go home


I tried to understand the reason why they talked over oysters on a regular basis

The man and the girl from the nice side of town when they talked about space-ships and blue rolling seas

It came back to me in a flash of a frenzy

My sweetheart had gone but I still had the memory

Spending my weekend with the ghost of my past

There’s no time at all between memories and reality


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